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Última actualización: Julio 7 del 2018

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En este sitio comparto los aprendizajes y experiencias que voy recolectando poco a poco en el descubrimiento del desarrollador de software.

Learning Swift

on July 5, 2018

Learning Swift Recently I have been studying about Swift. I think that the learning experience is a wonderful resource for other persons who are in the same situation, so I consider valuable talk about this. First Steps When I start to learn swift I decide to watch videos and demonstrations about how to use the Xcode for build iOS apps, but, for be honest, I couldn’t understand some things: optionals, constrains, auto layout… This was my first experience.

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Ember 2018 Roadmap: A call for blog post

on May 14, 2018

This blog post is a response to Ember’s 2018 Roadmap: A Call for Blog Posts Last November 2017 I had to build an application for make exams to evaluate teachers from a popular university. In the beginning this project was considered only for one person (me), so we decide learn Ember JS for this project. The Beginning My previous experiences making front-end projects was using simple javascript and coffee script.

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Learning Puppet

on May 7, 2018

Learning Puppet Hi! Recently I was reviewing two courses about Jenkins, so I had to use Vagrant for configure my environment, also I used other tools as Puppet. In the developer day is very common configure linux servers for a lot of things: install a Jenkins, prepare the deploy environments, etc… Well, Puppet can help us to configure this servers, as a improve script shell. In this post I’m going to talk about the first steps for use Puppet.

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Ember JS First Steps

on May 3, 2018

In the last post Learning Ember I talk about how to start with Ember. Now, after nights studying Ember I think that learning this framework is difficult because it require think first in Ember Concepts. After nights studying Ember I can say that learning this framework is difficult because you have to think first in their main concepts, and if you have some experience with other frameworks or transpilers ( coffee script, typescript, elm) probably you will be confused.

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